Residency Requirements

As a condition of continued employment with the City, non-represented employees will be expected to maintain residency per the provisions of section No. 4-67 of the Municipal Code (see below).

Sec. 4-67. Residency requirements for city employees.

As a condition of continued employment with the city, emergency personnel will be expected to maintain residence within a 15 mile radius of city limits. Emergency personnel will be defined as City Administrator, Public Works Director, City Engineer, Building Services Supervisor, all Wastewater Utility employees (except Administrative Assistant II) and all Street Division employees (except Administrative Assistant II).

Employees must establish such residency not later than sixty (60) days following completion of their probationary period. 

These provisions shall apply in the cases of employees of the Marshfield Utilities, the Marshfield Public Library, and Police and Fire Departments only if the governing boards of those departments adopt a similar policy. The city also recognizes that residency requirements may be different for represented employees according to the respective labor agreements. Residency restrictions exclude casual/seasonal staff.

Any permanent employee of the city who is required by Ordinance to reside within the 15 mile radius of city limits, and who moves his residence outside of the restriction, shall be deemed to resign his/her position with the City on the date that the transfer of residency takes place, effective immediately.

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