Dan Rogers, Assistant Parks Superintendent
Amy Beauchamp, Technical Services Coordinator
Tom Herkert, Parks Worker

 1110 N. St. Joseph Ave.  
 Marshfield, WI 54449

Telephone Number       
(Space sales by appointment
only, M-F, 7am-2:30pm)

Mailing Address
Hillside Cemetery
211 E. Second Street, Ste 111
Marshfield, WI 54449

Due to COVID-19, the following rules & regulations take effect immediately:

  • Cemetery office is closed to all visitors.  A map of the cemetery is hanging outside the office door for reference if needed.
  • Only emergency space sales will be allowed.  Questions about available spaces and prices will be handled by e-mail and phone only.  We do allow 30-day holds on spaces.  Extension of holding period may be extended depending on current situation. 
  • Cemetery staff will have contact with funeral home directors via e-mail and phone only.  Families with private services will follow the same guidelines.
  • Cemetery staff will prepare gravesite, avoiding contact with all individuals.  If not avoidable, staff will maintain a minimum of 6' distancing.
  • All services will follow the social distancing practices as recommended by the CDC.
  • Cemetery staff will close the gravesite after all family and contracted services have vacated the area.  No one will be allowed to stay to view the closing
  • Private services will be paid in full the day of the service.  Arrangements of payment between family and cemetery staff shall be coordinated in a safe manner to avoid exposure.


Mission Statement
The mission of the Hillside Cemetery is to assist with interments; provide care and maintenance of the grounds and equipment; maintain accurate records; and serve as a resource for individuals seeking locations of burial sites of loved ones. The Cemetery also strives to continue to look for ways to narrow the gap between operating revenues and expenditures to minimize the property tax subsidy for operations.