Tom Loucks, Communications Director
David Bennett, Communications Specialist

207 W. 6th St.
Marshfield, WI 54449

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Communications Depatment: Provide effective communications with residents and staff in the digital age of the City to improve two-way communication. We will consistently and clearly communicate news and information that helps our residents thrive and helps promote and educate to all demographics of people.

The City of Marshfield is dedicated to meeting the needs of our community and enhancing the quality of life.

Key strategies:   

  • Communicate the City’s and public successes through several platforms to reach a broad audience
  • Recognize and promote everyone’s talents  
  • Provide prompt service and delivery and create opportunities and learn from our mistakes and successes.
The City's Communications Director is charge of the Public Access Cable Channels, including its online platforms.  Programs seen on the public access and informational channels including its online platforms 
are not necessarily those of the cable system, the City of Marshfield or its employees, each program’s producer or sponsor is responsible for the programs content.

The Public Access Channels and it's online platforms are a division of the Communications Department.  The department provides access to the medium of television and related technologies, including training, production facilities, cable/webcasting time to the public/educational constituencies located in and/or serving the City of Marshfield and to provide the Marshfield residents with local programming.

The Government Channel 991 is used for City information being released to the public from City staff.

  • The mission of the Public Access Channel 989 and its online platforms is to protect and increase freedom of expression, diversity of ideas, and community-wide communication through the medium of television and related technologies.
  • The mission of Informational Access Channel 990 is to provide a space where non-profits, educational institutions, municipalities and residents can submit information to be viewed on television and related technologies.

  • The mission of Government Access Channel 991 is to provide an extra communication source for those who primarily use cable television to get thier information about the City.