GeoReporting System

If this is a Life Threatening/Loss of Property Emergency Call 911!

Welcome to the GeoReporting System.  The GeoReporting System is another way for you to inform the City of Marshfield about non-emergency location-based concerns.  GeoReporting is short for Geographic Reporting System.  Instead of calling, emailing, or stopping in person, you can use this site to help you log a non-emergency concern through an internet-connected device.  The site is mobile friendly, and should work on most mobile devices.  Once a concern is submitted please be patient, as some issues take time to resolve.

There are several key pieces of information we need in order to best address your concern.  To submit a concern we need the following from you:  a general concern, a specific concern, an email address, and a location.  Additional information will only help us respond quicker and more accurately.  Please provide a description, and add a photo if necessary. Please note - your email address or any other contact information will not be shared on the website.

The system is designed with drop-downs to help you accurately fill out the form and route that concern to the correct department.  There are nine different general categories, with a total of 50 different specific items you can choose from. The “General Concern” is a starting point, which leads to more options.  Think “location” or “action” for the general concern. 

Some examples would be:
-  I hit a pothole every day on my way work.  You would start by selecting “Road Related Concerns”, and the “Specific Concern” box will appear and select “pothole”.

-  I was on the sidewalk and keep seeing a cracked block.  You would start with the “Sidewalk Concerns”.

-  I see something beyond the sidewalk, such as overgrown vegetation.  You would select “Private Property Concern”.

Click here for the Entry Form

Click here for the Instructions/Help Document

Remember, if this is a Life Threatening/Loss of Property Emergency Call 911!

Other Important Contact Phone Numbers:
Wood County Dispatch: 715-421-8700
Sewer Back-Up: 715-486-2007
Day-Time Electrical or Water Emergencies: 715-387-1195
After Hours Electrical or Water Emergencies:  715-384-8515