Reopening of Marshfield Area Municipal Court (COVID-19)

The Marshfield Area Municipal Court is issuing the orders described below to provide procedures and directions for proceedings and essential functions in the Marshfield Area Municipal Court.  The guidelines are temporary measures commencing June 1, 2020.

The Marshfield Area Municipal Court hereby orders: 

  1. Court will resume on June 1, 2020.
  2. Temporary Plexiglas barriers be and are hereby installed.
  3. Social distancing will be enforced, with marking spots on floor and signage.
  4. Hand Sanitizer will be available for the public’s use.
  5. Masks will be worn by all parties who appear in the Court. (Masks and gloves will be provided.)  Exceptions to wearing a mask for medical or clarity for recording will be reviewed by the Court.
  6. Sanitation practices will be enforced after each litigant.
  7. Signage in front of building and inside building, regarding face covering and steps being taken for sanitation will be on display for full disclosure.
  8. Limit the amount of individuals in the Courtroom.
  9. Pretrial will be held telephonically or by correspondence to limit in person Court.
  10. Trials will be held with all the guidelines noted above in place

This Order shall remain in effect until rescinded or amended.

Dated:  June 1, 2020
Honorable John Adam Kruse 
Marshfield Area Municipal Court

Please see the attached, Operational Plan for the Marshfield Area Municipal Court