National Register of Historic Places

The National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) is an inventory of the buildings, sites, structures and objects that are important to understanding the local, state and national history.  A listing confirms the historic and architectural significance of buildings.  The criteria for listing on the National Register are:

  • That it be fifty (50) years old
  • That it be the work of a master, or part of a collection of buildings that include materials, workmanship or design that reflects an earlier time or sense of place; or
  • That it symbolizes a significant historic event, or be symbolic of broad patterns or history; or
  • That the property has yielded or is likely to yield information important to understanding history or pre-history.

Properties that are listed on the NRHP are not subject to any review for privately funded actions.  However, a Federally licensed or funded undertaking that will impact a National Register property will be reviewed to determine if there should be mitigation to reduce any negative impacts of that action.

Listing on the NRHP is one of the criteria for being designated on the State Register and makes the structure eligible for listing in the Marshfield Historic Register.

View List of Historic Properties on the Local, State and National Registers.