Stewardship Award Program

Program Guidelines and Purpose & Goals of the Program:

  • Education/Outreach. The purposes of the program are to educate the public on the community’s historic resources and to promote an awareness and  support for historic preservation within the community.
  • Preservation & Rehabilitation. A goal of the program is to  encourage rehabilitation and maintenance of historic structures and to influence  community norms regarding the proper care & maintenance of historic  resources.

Program Format:

  • Recognition Format. The program is formatted to formally recognize & thank property owners who have done a great job of taking care of their  properties.
  • Introduction of Program.  The stewardship awards program will be  introduced to the community by press release at the beginning of each year.
  • Nominations.  Nominations are open to the  general public.  Please send the nomination form to the Historic Preservation Committee, City of Marshfield, 207 W. 6th Street, Marshfield, WI 54449 or email to 


  • A stewardship award certificate, framed,  sealed & signed by the Mayor, will be presented to property owners to  recognize their property and their restoration or upkeep efforts.  Awards  will be presented on an annual or bi-annual basis at a Common Council meeting or  in conjunction with Historic Preservation Month event.

Award Eligibility Criteria & Selection Process:

  • Criteria: Any structure, 50 years or older, that has been  rehabilitated, restored, maintained or otherwise “improved” thereby improving or  maintaining character of the structure and/or neighborhood.
  • Selection Process. The Historic Preservation Committee will review nominations as they are received and discuss/vote on eligibility for award
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