Planting Program

Trees provide many benefits including energy savings, increased property values, environmental gains, and healthier lives.  Species diversity, tree age variety, and maximizing planting opportunities are a few key factors in developing a healthy and balanced urban forest.

If you are interested in having a tree planted in your terrace please call the forestry division at 715-486-2073. Your information will be taken down and a site inspection will be performed.  If qualified, your address will be added to the list of terraces to be planted.  Planting time-frames cannot be guaranteed but will be honored on a first-come, first-serve basis as availability of trees allows. 

If you desire to plant your own tree in the terrace, please call the forestry division at 715-486-2073. A site inspection must still be performed by the forestry division to deem the site suitable for planting.  The tree planted must also be a tree from the list of approved species to plant within the terrace.  Any future maintenance of the tree planted within the terrace will be performed by the city.

Approved Species for Terrace Tree Planting