Floyd & Pat Hamus Cougar Exhibit
Features Star & Thunder, our pair of cougar siblings who joined our zoo in the fall of 2008.  Born on May 1, 2008 at the Maple Lane Wildlife Farm in Indiana, they are very active and love to play, wrestle and watch the geese at the zoo.

Fox Exhibit
Home to Shadow and Blizzard and is built with the help of the Wildwood Zoological Society and the Kiwanis Club.  Shadow, a gray fox, was born April 21, 2012 in Pennsylvania.  Blizzard, an arctic fox, was born June 1, 2012 in Ohio.  The pair joined our zoo in 2012.

JP Adler Family Kodiak Bear Exhibit
Munsie & Boda came to the zoo as cubs in 2015 as they were discovered by Munsie's namesake, Mike Munsey who reported that their mother was shot by an unguided hunter.  The cubs and their sister who's now in Toledo, Ohio, were taken care of by the Alaska Zoo until the day their exhibit at our zoo was complete and Boda's namesake, Kodiak Wildlife Biologist, Nate Svoboda approved of Wildwood Zoo's adoption.

Large Animal Drive
Open from 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 pm year-round,   this drive allows you to see Lincoln, Peanut and the rest of the American Elk herd, Prince and the Bison herd, and Ruby our Mountain Goat.  You'll also get to meet our Timberwolves, Luna, Malakai, and Smokey and see Grant and the rest of the White-tailed Deer herd from right from your vehicle! The drive begins at 17th Street and winds its way around our scenic upper pond then looping around the pastures then past the wolves and exiting through our mature forest.  This is great for bikers and joggers too!

Monarch Butterfly Exhibit
Take a selfie showing off your monarch wings!  You can also see monarch butterflies in all there various stages.

Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Exhibit (TBA)
As many of have noticed, there's been a decline in our prairie dog population over the last year.  We've monitored our colony and have have one prairie dog remaining.  We're still trying to determine whiether predation, disease, or a genetic abnormality are causes of the decline and will try to prevent this from happening again.  Replacing our population is difficult as the WI DNR prohibits the transportation of prairie dogs into the state and there are only a few zoos in the state that can help us rebuild our colony.  We are discussing the best plan forward for both the animals and the exhibit.  

Raptor Exhibit
Take a stroll over to see our birds of prey.  We have our American Bald Eagles, Amber and Liberty, a pair of Great-Horned Owls, Hooter and Harry, and Tuck, our Peregrine Falcon.  You will also meet Jacks and Jill, our two Red-Tailed Hawks, and finally Red, our Eastern Screech Owl who survived being struck by a car!

Sandhill Crane Exhibit
Tim and Sam are a pair of Sandhill Cranes who've been around since 2003.  Tim arrived from the Howell Nature Center in Michigan while Sam came from the Willowbrook Wildlife Center in Illinois.  

Welcome Center
Located next to the cougar exhibit, is our Welcome Center.  Kids can learn about the various stages of waterflow through a city along with meeting Star and Thunder up close via plexiglass barrier as the center also serves as an indoor shelter area for the cougars.  You can also meet our reptiles and amphibians and bees!  We have Millie and Vanillie who are our two Ornate Box Turtles who were former pets, a Western Hognose Snake training to be an animal ambassador for our zoo, and the legendary Chuckwalla Norris - a Common Chuckwalla as part of our animal ambassador team.  We also have a Green Anole and Tiger Salamander along with a colony of Honey Bees.

Wildcat Exhibit
Near the Welcome Center is our wildcats, Lexi and Betts.  Lexi is a Lynx who was born May 14, 2005 and came to our zoo from Minnesota.  Bets is a Bobcat born July 2, 2007 who came from Ochsner Park Zoo in Baraboo, WI.  Having both a lynx and bobcat together gives visitors a chance to see a side-by-side comparison of these two closely related species.