OFFICE HOURS ARE 7:30 A.M. TO 4:30 p.m. MONDAY - Thursday 
and Friday until noon.

CONTACT: 715-387-6597 OR E-MAIL

Administration assists the common policy direction, and to translate that policy direction into City programs and operations; prepare for the City's future through planning and sound financial management; encourage all employees to maintain a focus on customer satisfaction; and provide a centralized program of human resources administration and performance management, including recruitment, selection, and training to ensure the most efficient and effective management of human resources.

The City Administrator is appointed by, and serves at the behest of the Mayor and Common Council. The City Administrator's Office consists of professional, administrative, and clerical support staff to effectively coordinate City services. The City Administrator directly supervises the following departments or functions: 1) Public Works; 2) Parks & Recreation; 3) Information Systems; 4) Finance; 5) Development Services; 6) Assessing; 7) Human Resources; and 8) Communications.