City Assessor Jim Toth


CONTACT The Deputy assessor BY PHONE AT  715-384-3856 OR E-MAIL 

The City of Marshfield contracts with Grota Appraisals, LLC as the Statutory Assessor.  James Toth is the assessor from Grota Appraisals, LLC that is assigned to the community.  James is an Assessor II and has 37 years’ experience in all aspects of assessment.  Grota Appraisals, LLC is the assessor for 80 communities.  Company information is located on the web at  James holds office hours in Marshfield.  Please contact the Deputy Assessor, Keith Pugh to schedule an appointment with James.

Keith Pugh is the Deputy Assessor for the City of Marshfield.  A longtime resident of the City, Keith is a certified Assessor II.  Keith is employed by the City of Marshfield and has performed various roles with the Assessor's Office over the years.  As Deputy Assessor, Keith is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the office. 

Please contact Keith for your initial assessment questions.  Keith can be contacted by phone or email.

(Note: five (5) levels of assessment certification exist in Wisconsin.  Listed in order of increasing responsibility, they are: Assessment Technician, Appraiser, Assessor I, Assessor II, and Assessor III.  Assessor III for example, is required in communities with a commercial valuation in excess of  $1 billion.)

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