Boards, Commission and Committees

Board of Zoning Appeals
The Zoning Board of Appeals is established to provide an appeal procedure for persons who deem themselves aggrieved by decisions of administrative officers in the enforcement of Chapter 18 of the Municipal Code.

Historic Preservation Committee

The Historic Preservation Committee develops appropriate criteria and standards for identifying and evaluating historic structures, sites and districts.  The committee collects necessary data, including photographs, drawings, descriptions, recorded interviews and written documentation, and to survey and permanently record the origin, development, use and historical significance of structures, sites and districts.

Plan Commission
The City Plan Commission shall have power and authority to employ experts and a staff, not exceeding, in all, the appropriation that may be made for such commission by the Council, or placed at its disposal through gifts, and subject to any ordinance or resolution enacted by the Council. The plan commission shall have the powers and duties prescribed in § 62.23 Wis. Stats. and such other powers and duties as shall be vested in it from time to time by the Council.