Director Josh Miller

Development Services

OFFICE HOURS ARE 7:30 A.M. TO 4:30 p.m. MONDAY - Thursday 
and Friday until noon.

CONTACT: 715-486-2016 OR E-MAIL 

Development Services formulates, supervises, and administers the community planning program, guided by the City of Marshfield’s Comprehensive Plan. The community planning program includes short and long-range planning, land use regulations, annexations, and transportation system plans.

In addition to administering the planning program, the department works closely with the local business community, local utilities, governmental agencies, and other groups in connection with economic development activities.

The mission of Development Services is the progressive development of the commercial, industrial and residential areas of the city, thereby ensuring the planned orderly development of the city.

Permit and Inspections
Inspectors at the City of Marshfield conduct inspections of newly constructed and existing buildings and their component plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems to insure minimum standards to safeguard life, health and public welfare.

Economic Development
The Economic Development Division aims to develop a thriving local economy that will support business growth, employment opportunities, high quality of life, and environmental sustainability for the community.

The City's Planning Division provides short and long-range planning with economic development projects related to the comprehensive plan, boundary agreements, business/Industrial Park Development and various special projects.


Zoning is one of the most common methods of land use control used by local governments and is generally used to separate incompatible land uses. At its core, zoning regulates how a parcel of land in a community may be used and the density of development. Zoning may also regulate the height, shape, bulk or placement of structures and lot sizes or shapes. The intent of zoning is to balance individual property rights with the interests of the community to create a healthy, safe and orderly living environment.