TID No. 4

Tax Incremental Finance District No. 4 was amended to include an area commonly referred to as downtown Marshfield. This expansion resulted from an intensive review of existing conditions and potential economic development project identified through a planning effort sponsored by City Council and Main street Marshfield known as the Downtown Redevelopment Framework Plan. This plan will guide an orderly evolution of Marshfield’s downtown. The main objective of the plan is to draw visitors and residents downtown and reverse the incidences of blight and under market property values.

The commercial district is the heartbeat of Marshfield and the success of the downtown depends on a viable economic climate and a historical setting which attracts and retains businesses. Many opportunities are present for infill development and redevelopment. Several sites are ripe for packaging, including Washington Square, Central Station, and the area between Central Avenue and the proposed Central Park. A prime area for smaller scale redevelopment lies along the proposed Boulevard route, at Maple and Chestnut Streets. Commercial/Retail, and Office infill in scale with the surrounding architecture would add workers as well as shoppers to the downtown. Funds generated through the establishment of this TID will provide a portion of the public expenditures needed to reverse the trend of using prime street level retail space for other uses such a profession office and institutional uses.

Improvements envisioned for downtown Marshfield include a combination of public and private redevelopment initiatives. Public improvements focus on improving the basic framework of the downtown-streets, walkways, pedestrian areas, lighting, parking areas, signage, circulation and landscaping. Private improvements concentrate on redevelopment projects and in-fill development projects, and building façade improvements.

This area is zoned B-5, downtown central business district. The intent of the B-5 central business district is to provide a district which encourages and fosters the further development of the downtown business district. The district requirements recognize the unique characteristics of the downtown business which differ from other commercial districts in the city. The intent of the requirements for this district is to retain the existing “Main Street” characteristics of the core blocks on Central Avenue.

TID No. 4 Map
TID No. 4 Project Plan