TID No. 5

Tax Increment Finance District No. 5 has been created for the purpose of promoting the orderly development of the City of Marshfield. The specific purpose of TID No. 5 is to finance the construction of streets and utilities within the Mill Creek Business Park and also provide incentives necessary for industrial recruitment and growth.

The intent for the design of the Mill Creek Business Park land is for the specific purpose of providing quality, easily-accessible industrial and business sites for businesses wanting to locate within the region. The Mill Creek Business Park will afford the City the opportunity to recruit businesses and office-type uses through the establishment of covenant-controlled and highway accessible and visible properties. The location (on US Hwy 10 and State Hwy 13) is prime due to excellent visibility and access to the significant amount of traffic traveling these roads.

Successful implementation of a marketing plan as well as recruitment of high quality businesses will greatly contribute to the orderly growth of the community.

TID No. 5 Map
TID No. 5 Project Plan