Asphalt milling is the process of  removal of the existing asphalt pavement. Removal depth can range from the surface layer to the base course. Milling is a process that corrects and restores the original grade and smooths the surface for new asphalt resurfacing. Another term for mill-in-place is cold planning or profiling.

  • Milling can be repeated on the same surface over and over.
  • The materials excavated are fully recyclable, the aggregate is used in the new pavement on location.
Cost Effective
  • Conventional asphalt removal can be costly and laborious, our state of the art equipment does it efficiently saving tax payer money and getting more life out of the roadways.
Improved Finish
  • The grinding of the old asphalt surface results in a uniform and clean finish for the new layer to adhere to.
  • As the milling takes place, the removed aggregate is simultaneously loaded into trucks, resulting in a clean and quickly completed construction site. 

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