Director Ron Aumann


OFFICE HOURS ARE 7:30 A.M. TO 4:30 p.m. MONDAY - Thursday 
and Friday until noon.

CONTACT: 715-387-3033 OR E-MAIL 

The City of Marshfield's Finance Department is responsible for providing professional financial management services as mandated by state statute and required by City Administration, Common Council, Mayor's Office, City Departments, and other governmental units. The department completes a financial report detailing the results of the annual audit, in addition to facilitating the annual city-wide budget process, including a five-year capital improvement plan.  In addition, the department staff administers purchasing activities to optimally utilize taxpayers dollars. 

The department staff also handles the needs for borrowing, investing and banking, offering guidance on the financial aspects of new developments and provides financial management, billing and collection services. In addition, staff provides purchasing activities to optimally utilize taxpayers dollars. 

Objectives of the Finance Department include: maintaining a high financial credit rating and assure taxpayers the City is well managed by using prudent financial management practices.