Arbor Day Foundation Tree City USA 
The City of Marshfield has been recognized and honored as a Tree City USA for the past 38 years.  The program is nationwide and focuses on providing the framework for communities to enhance and expand their urban forest.  The City of Marshfield meets four core values of sound urban forestry management to be recognized:

  • Maintaining a tree board or department
  • Having a community tree ordinance
  • Spending at least $2 per capita on urban forestryTree City
  • Celebrating Arbor Day

The City of Marshfield is one of 3,400 communities across America thathas pledged commitment to caring for and managing their urban forest.

Wisconsin Urban Wood 
Wisconsin Urban Wood (WUW) is an organization committed to the social, economic and ecological benefits of urban trees. WUW’s motto is Trees First, Wood Next. The City of Marshfield shares the understanding that trees are most beneficial to communities when those trees are growing healthy and strong, but when urban trees must be removed, WUW’s goal is to find the highest use for the removed wood. Wisconsin Urban Wood (WUW) and the City of Marshfield have joined efforts in a “Use Agreement” that serves as the conduit between the city’s logs and WUW’s sawmill and woodworker partners in the area.

Through the WUW partnership of municipalities, arborists, sawyers, kiln operators, makers, artisans, retailers, architects, organizations and advocates, those trees are connected with local processors and woodworkers so the trees can be used for their highest and best uses in lumber, flooring, furniture, art, architecture, and a variety of goods made from wood. 

Repurposing urban trees after they are removed changes the way industry sees its supply chain. People who manage urban forests and those that use wood in their projects are finding opportunities to connect and partner toward building new markets for urban wood products, while building stronger relationships between clients, consumers and communities in the process. Wisconsin Urban Wood is working to build common understanding, language, commitment, and consumer confidence in an urban wood brand shared by our membership.  WUW is poised to help individuals and businesses looking to expand their operation or start a new business dedicated to urban wood.

WI Urban Wood

Through the use agreement, WUW members are granted access to the city’s marshalling yard to recover and remove city logs. The Use Agreement reduces disposal costs and the wood finds its way back into the community in beautiful ways.