Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

Emerald Ash Borer is a spreading and harmful insect originating from Asia. Since its discovery in Michigan in 2002, the bug has killed hundreds of millions of ash trees and cost cities, homeowners, nurseries, and forest product industries millions of dollars. The bug was discovered in Southeast Wisconsin in 2008 and has since popped up in pockets throughout much of the state. The bug feeds on ash leaves and causes little damage, but the larvae stage kills the trees by feeding underneath the bark and disrupting the transportation of water and nutrients. Any tree not treated for the bug will eventually die.

As of 2020, the City of Marshfield has 335 ash trees inventoried in the city parks and terraces. Treatment is being conducted successfully on 286 trees with the intent of saving these trees to help maintain and diversify our urban canopy. Treatment is conducted on an every other year basis using trunk injections at the base of the tree. The remaining ash trees not being treated are scheduled for removal in the upcoming years due to concerns about overall quality, structure, size, and location.

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