The mission of the Police Department is to protect and serve the City of Marshfield by partnering with the community to increase safety while reducing crime and fear through progressive policing.  

Assisting the Police Department in the enforcement of law and order during any and all emergencies declared to exist in the City of Marshfield, WI by the Chief of Police.  Police Auxiliary assist with traffic and parking, parades, civic and athletic functions, weather watches, patrol and more.

Crossing Guards
The School Crossing Guard Program allows for an early interaction between a friendly law enforcement authority and the young impressionable school-age children.

Detective Bureau
Our Detective Bureau conducts criminal investigations above and beyond that with a patrol officer cannot and consists of 1 Lieutenant, 3 General Investigators including a Cybercrime specialist, 2 Drug Investigators and 1 Sensitive Crimes Investigator.

K-9 Program
Consisting of 2 Patrol Officers and 2 canines, each officer and canine attends and completes ongoing training to ensure compliance, certification and excellence in not only serving their role, but the community.

Ordinance Control
Providing an equitable system for the enforcement of vehicle parking and other miscellaneous municipal code violations.

The Patrol Division is the operational component of the department and its main objective is to provide law enforcement and all related duties to the citizens of Marshfield.

Special Response Team
The Marshfield Police Special Response Team (SRT) exists on a call-out basis to handle situations which can be defined as being above and beyond the capabilities of the on-duty patrol shift.