Record Release Requests

Record requests sent to:
Marshfield Police Department   

110 W 1st St
Marshfield, WI 54449
Lobby Hours:  Monday-Friday  7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Contact: 715-384-3113 (PD Home) 715-384-0823 (Fax)
(We do not fax records to anyone other than Courts or Law Enforcment)

RECORDS CUSTODIAN:  The City of Marshfield Police Chief is the legal custodian of the records of our Department.  For the purpose of release of information and records inspection, the Police Chief and the designated Staff Services Supervisor as the person to perform the duties of the records custodian. 

In compliance with WI Statutes 19.31 & 19.365, the Marshfield Police Department hereby establishes the following procedures as they apply to public records in its custody:

Access to Records – Request procedure:

  • Requests may be made either in writing (complete our release of records form), email or in person/verbally.
  • To aid in the location of the records, the request should contain the department’s case number, date of occurrence, location, if known, any personal data on individuals involved, and any information that may help limit the search for the record.  If a request does not constitute a ‘sufficient request’ or is considered to be unreasonable, the requester will be contacted to narrow the scope of the request.
  • We shall comply with requests in a timely manner (10 – ten business days is the practice of the WI Dept. of Justice) and on a first come first serve basis.
  • If a request is denied in whole or in part, the person making the request shall be notified as to the legal justification for the denial.  Redaction of personal information will occur for anyone listed in the report/record that is not the requestor and/or his/her child/children).   Most denials occur when a request involves a current criminal investigation, early Discovery is against the law and we will not release records prior to when the ‘Legal Demand for Discovery’ occurs with the Courts.
  • If an email address is provided, the record may be released via email (at no charge) as long as there is no juvenile information.
  • When a record is available for pickup/release the requester will be contacted with the total cost.

Fees:  Prepayment may be required**
Crash reports: 

            (WI DOT)
(Paper copies of crash reports can be obtained at the pd for a fee of $2.00)
Incidents or citations:              
       - $.50 per page (two sided)
- Defendant copy of a citation will be released prior to initial court date.
       - Arrest records will be released once Legal Demand for Discovery has occurred.
       CD (photographs)**     $20.00 (no charge for Law Enforcement or Courts)

       DVD (audio/video)**    $20.00 (no charge for Law Enforcement or Courts)    

Radio, Telephone, 911 calls and dispatch/CAD entries:
Contact Wood County Dispatch Manager Lori Heideman for release ( as these are not the pd's records to release. 

We will waive the basic rule on fees for the release of one basic fatal accident/incident report to a family member. Additional copies of reports to family members may be allowed based upon approval by the Chief of Police.