Service Awards

Fred Beell Service Award:

PD_BellThe "Fred Beell Service Award" is presented annually to retired members of the department who have honorably served the City of Marshfield for more than 25 years

Patrol Officer Dave Mattheisen (28 yrs, 1 mth)
Ordinance Ofc. Dan Leonard (28 yrs, 4 mths)

Sgt. Nick Poeschel (27 yrs, 11 mths)

Patrol Officer Jason Prickett (25 yrs, 6 mths)
Det. James Cramm (26 yrs, 8 mths)
Patrol Officer Jeff Cichantek (25 yrs, 9 mths)

Lead Officer Steven Leu (29 yrs, 3 mths)
Chief Gary Jepsen (32 yrs)
PD_Honor1Employee recognition for years of service to the 
Marshfield Police Department and its citizens.

Fred Beell Honors Award:
The "Fred Beell Honors Award" is awarded to officers for acts of bravery of the highest level which may subject the member to a high risk of serious injury. To be eligible for this award, the member must have exhibited sound judgment throughout the incident and demonstrated the true meaning of service to others over self.

Lt. Travis Esser

PD_Esser Award2On 07/20/18 officers were dispatched to a residence on N. Spruce Avenue in the city of Marshfield.  Wood County Crisis Intervention had contacted our dispatch center stating that they currently had a crisis worker and probation officer out at a male subjects residence. Dispatch informed the responding officers that a male suspect had displayed a knife towards the crisis worker and probation officer while they were inside his residence speaking with him during a home visit (we later learned he stated, “I’m not going down without a fight!” as he grabbed the knife while in the kitchen). Subsequent radio traffic informed officers they had currently been separated from him by running out of the residence. It was also relayed via radio that he had thrown a knife at the crisis worker’s vehicle while they were inside it after they retreated from the residence. Lt Travis Esser and Ast Chief Pat Zeps responded to the scene, they gathered intel from both workers still in the area that he threatened and positioned their squad car at the end of the street just down from where his residence was located. Lt Esser observed him exit his residence and noticed he was holding a large knife in his hand approx. 8 inches in length. At this time Lt Esser and Ast Chief Zeps got back in the squad car and moved further down the road to create more distance between the suspect and themselves. The suspect continued to walk out into the street and noticed additional officers had arrived on the opposite side of the block to the north as well. The suspect stopped and observed them for a short period before he continued to walk south towards Lt Esser and Ast Chief Zeps. At this time, Lt Esser retrieved a less lethal “bean bag 12 guage shotgun” from the back of the squad while Ast Chief Zeps began giving the suspect verbal commands. They both had positioned themselves on the passenger side of the squad with the door open with Ast Chief Zeps deploying lethal cover at this time. Lt Esser and Ast Chief Zeps continued giving the suspect verbal commands to stop walking and to drop the knife however he ignored commands and continued advancing towards Lt Esser and Ast Chief Zeps. Realizing that the suspect was quickly closing his distance Lt Esser fired the first bean bag round striking him in the upper leg but he continued to walk towards them. Lt Esser again gave a verbal command to stop with no success. He fired a second bean bag round which also struck him in the upper portion of the opposite leg but he continued to hold the knife and advance. Lt Esser fired a third and final round which struck him in the abdomen and the suspect changed his direction of travel away from officers. Lt Esser saw an opportunity to end the situation safely and called for K-9 Officer Terry Endries to release K-9 “H”. At this time, K-9 “H” was deployed and successfully took the suspect to the ground as he dropped the knife. It was later learned that the suspect was intoxicated and was dealing with a mental health crisis. The suspect also informed officers that at the time he didn’t care if officers shot him or not due to his past mental health issues he had been dealing with over the past few years.

honors - Copy2011:
Lead Officer Steven Leu (retired 2014)
Lead Officer Michael Topness
K9 Officer Terry Endries 

PD_ValorValor Award:

The "Valor Award" is issued to officers who exercised boldness and 
determination while facing great danger

Patrol Officer Alex Mitchell

PD_Officer Mitchell

On October 23rd, 2017, Officer Alex Mitchell observed a vehicle that was reported stolen only a few minutes prior to him seeing it. Officer Mitchell attempted to initiate a traffic stop but the vehicle failed to comply and fled. A pursuit ensued and the driver of the vehicle pulled over in the parking lot of Dairy Queen and quickly exited the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle began walking towards Officer Mitchell instead of running away from him. This is a huge red flag for any officer and the fight or flight mentality starts to kick in normally at this point for us. 
After hearing via radio transmission the suspect may be armed with a knife and seeing the lack of regard the suspect showed for safety of the community and himself, Officer Mitchell used a variety of verbal and physical tactics in an effort control this dynamic and potentially dangerous situation. The suspect was extremely upset and out of control. There were several occasions during this incident when it appears more severe force options would have been justified to control this situation. After hearing the emotional response of the suspect, Officer Mitchell created time for back up officers to respond by changing his manner of communication.  He maintained his composure and safety during this extended period of non-compliance. Officer Mitchell displayed no emotion and presented a demeanor of complete control to the suspect. The suspect was eventually taken into custody and nobody was injured during this incident. While these actions are not completely uncommon or outside of the general expectations of our job, the manner with which Officer Mitchell handled himself in the situation was. Officer Mitchell’s clear head allowed him to demonstrate the values which result in his receiving of this prestigious award.

Patrol Officer Josh Larsen 

Patrol Officer Tanner Gruber

PD_Tanner and JoshOn June 3rd, 2016 in the early morning hours under heavy fog Officer Josh Larsen and Officer Tanner Gruber responded to a 1 vehicle roll over crash at the intersection of Meadow Ave and Mann Ave in the town of McMillan just outside Marshfield city limits per a mutual aid request via the Marathon County Sheriff Dept. Officers Larsen and Gruber arrived on scene and found an SUV lying on its side, leaking fluids, still running and smoking with the driver still inside the mangled wreck with his head trapped under the vehicle's roof / door jam. Both officers realized the occupant was in a life threatening situation as the weight of the vehicle was slowly crushing his head. Prior to EMS and Fire Dept arrival, they acted quickly and carefully lifted the vehicle off the driver's head / neck using pure adrenaline and human strength; blocking the car up with the broken four by four post of the stop sign (which was damaged during the crash) to keep the weight off. Both officers then kept the man in place providing first aid until EMS and Rescue could arrive to finish extracting him from the wreckage. The quick thinking and fast actions of Officer Larsen and Officer Gruber saved his life which earned them both the Award of Valor.

Employee of the Year Award:
PD_Employee of the year
The "Employee of the Year Award" is awarded for outstanding achievement by an employee that bringscredit to the department, which involves performance above and beyond that which is required by an employee's basic assignment.
  • 2019: Patrol Officer Libby Abel
  • 2018: Patrol Officer Aaron Wargowsky
  • 2017: Det. Derek Iverson 
  • 2016: Lt. Travis Sherden 
  • 2015: Lt. John Scheuer (Crossing Guard / Retired Officer)
  • 2014: Ordinance Officer Daniel Leonard (Retired 2018)
  • 2006: Sgt. Gerald Peterson (Retired 2007)
Support Staff Member of the Year:
PD_support StaffThe "Support Staff Member of the Year" award is given to non-sworn employees whos efforts have had a significant positive impact on the department as a whole. They have gone above and beyond in their work role to help ensure department success.

2019: Auxiliary Director Seth Stankowski

Honorable Mentions

This section is dedicated to members of our department and community that have been formally recognized by our department or another outside agency which does not fit the recognition categories above.

Wisconsin Professional Police Association "Meritorious Award" Recipients
tanner josh-2
2017: Patrol Officer Josh Larsen
2017:Patrol Officer Tanner Grubber

(From left: Ofc Tanner Gruber, Jared Fleischman, Hannah Stratman and Ofc Josh Larsen)

Marshfield Police Department "Certificate of Appreciation / Recognition" Recipients

2017 :Hannah Stratman
2017: Jared Fleischman

Jared and Hannah assisted Officer Larsen and Officer Gruber on scene of a traffic crash. Both subjects put themselves in a dangerous situation to assist a fellow citizen and the officers. Jared and Hannah displayed courage and bravery without hesitation. The Marshfield PD appreciates both for their efforts!

2011 :
Adam Gould
2011 : Adeel Aslau