Winter Sandbox Locations

Sandboxes  filled with sand are located on the corners near schools so the crossing guards can use the sand when the sidewalks get icy to keep the kids safe and local residents are able to use the sand.   We request a patron uses a coffee can or an ice cream bucket container to be used for ice events – emergencies.   We ask the sand is not used for personal driveways.
Sandbox Locations:

Section 1

Section 3

Upham St. & Walnut Ave.

8th St. & Peach Ave.

Upham St. & Oak Ave.

17th St. & Felker Ave.

Upham St. & St. Joseph Ave.

17th St. & Palmetto Ave.

Section 2

Section 4

3rd St. & Walnut Ave.

Peach Ave. & Becker Rd.

5th St. & Columbus Ave.

Peach Ave. & Doege St.

7th St. & Chestnut Ave.


11th St. & Adams Ave.


14th St. & Schmidt Ave.