Training and Education

PD_Officers groupContinuing education and training for officers plays an essential role in the current law enforcement environment. Training is required even after an officer has attained basic understanding of the tasks they are required to perform or complete daily. Law enforcement has changed significantly over the years and officers are expected and even required at times to perfect certain skills. The benefits of officer training and having an educated officer are essential for the department’s success within the community.

Every officer has to be an asset to the department and one way we achieve this goal is through ongoing training. Our department will analyze our needs on a regular basis to identify gaps / opportunities and then select the appropriate officer to fill that gap. Having a team of officers who have a wide variety of education and trained techniques at their disposal better positions us as a department to take on the daily tasks our community expects us to be successful at. From Basic SWAT to ARIDE, Emotional Survival to Computer Forensics, Less Lethal Ammunitions to Crisis Intervention Training; we fully support most all training