Sewer Backup

To report a sewer system backup, call
Marshfield Wastewater at 715-486-2007

 An effective method of responding to a sewer system backup or basement backup has been established.  When a sewer backup call is received, two operators will respond with the sewer cleaning truck as soon as possible. 

Once on site, the operators will verify if the blockage is within the collection system mainline by opening manholes and observing the flow.  If the water is backed up in the manhole or they note an obstructed flow in the manhole, the operators will clean the line to remove the plugging condition.  If the blockage is obviously occurring within a private property lateral itself, then the owner is notified. 

The main sewer is always cleaned if there is any question as to where the blockage is located.  During unmanned plant periods, an answering machine will direct a caller to the police department non-emergency dispatch.  The dispatch has a list of all Marshfield Wastewater Treatment Facility operators and the on-call operator assigned for each weekend.  Dispatch will then call these operators to inform them of the sewer backup call.  A report is filled out at the time of all sewer calls.