Development Review

The development review process is handled by the Development Review Team (DRT). The goal of the DRT is to assist you and to help make the process as economical and efficient as possible for all concerned. This information outlines the City’s essential requirements and procedures. The Development Services Department is the primary contact throughout the review and approval process.

There are two major categories of development, per §18.114, that automatically require "design review," which includes a hearing at the Plan Commission and final approval by the Common Council:

  • Site and structural development of residential projects having 9 or more dwelling units on a single lot; or
  • Large nonresidential structural development with two or more buildings or gross floor area of 50,000 square feet.

Other projects may need review by the Development Review Team or may need special approvals, dependent upon existing and/or potential circumstances. Always contact the Planning Department to determine the reviews and approvals necessary for your proposal.

The approval process includes a new partnership amongst your City departments: Development Services, Public Works, Fire, and Electric and Water. The process involves a single coordinated process with multiple step approval. (Please note that additional plans and approvals may be required by individual departments.) The steps are:

  1. Application: The Develop Review Team application is located under the Zoning Applications Link.  Once received by the Associate Planner – Zoning Administrator, they will initiate the process and send application materials to members of the team.
  2. DRT Meeting:  The Development Review Team typically meets every second and fourth Wednesday of the month.  The applicant is given an opportunity to present their development to the team and the team will give feedback and recommendations on the development.
  3. Post Meeting:  After the meeting the applicant will receive a copy of the minutes and comments.  The applicant will then have the opportunity to make any changes or move forward with permitting or Plan Commission application.