Reviews and approval procedures vary depending on the type of request; however, procedures within the Zoning Code (Chapter 18) generally adhere to 3 common elements.

  1. Submit an Application, including fee payment and appropriate supplemental information. Review the Fee Schedule. 
  2. Review by appropriate City staff and/or officials.
  3. Action by appropriate City officials or staff to approve, conditionally approve, or deny the request

Municipal Code
The City of Marshfield Municipal Code constitutes a recodification of the general and permanent ordinances of the City of Marshfield, Wisconsin. 

Although there are many sections and chapter of the Municipal Code, the Zoning Division of the Development Services Department primarily focuses on the following three Chapters:

  1. General Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 18)
  2. Sign Code (Chapter 24)
  3. Subdivision and Platting Ordinance (Chapter 19)

Development Review
Development review is implemented under municipal authority to promote the public health, safety, and welfare. More specifically, development review is intended to enhance the aesthetic environment and ensure that larger development projects are compatible with neighboring properties and existing development elsewhere in the City of Marshfield.