Overlay Zoning Districts

The City of Marshfield has four overlay Zoning Districts.  They are the Airport Overlay District, Wellhead Protection Overlay District, Shoreland Zoning Overlay and Floodplain Overlay.

Airport Overlay District
The intent of this Height Limitation Zoning Overlay (HLZO) district map is to regulate and restrict the height of structures, temporary equipment, and vegetation in the vicinity of the Marshfield Municipal Airport, to promote public safety, welfare and convenience, to increase safety in airport operations, to protect persons and property within the area, and protect the municipal investment in the airport facilities.

Wellhead Protection Overlay District
The residents of the City of Marshfield depend exclusively on groundwater for a safe drinking water supply. Certain land use practices and activities can seriously threaten or degrade groundwater quality. The purpose of this Wellhead Protection Overlay District is to institute land use regulations and restrictions to protect the City's municipal water supply and well fields, and to promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the residents of the City of Marshfield.

 Shoreland Zoning
Uncontrolled use of shorelands and pollution of the navigable waters of the municipality would adversely affect public health, safety, convenience, and general welfare and impair the tax base.  These areas apply 300 feet from the ordinary high-water mark of navigable stream or river and 1,000 feet from the ordinary high-water mark of a navigable lake or pond. The Legislature of Wisconsin has delegated responsibility to all municipalities to:

  1. Promote the public health, safety, convenience and general welfare;
  2. Limit certain land use activities detrimental to shorelands; and
  3. Preserve shore cover and natural beauty by controlling the location of structures in shoreland areas and restricting the removal of natural shoreland vegetation.

Uncontrolled development and use of the floodplains and rivers of the City of Marshfield would impair the public health, safety, convenience, general welfare and tax base.  

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