Zoning and Re-Zoning

Zoning Map Amendment
A Zoning Map Amendment (also known as Re-Zoning) is the process in changing the Official Zoning Map for the City of Marshfield.  The specific details and processes can be located in Section 18-160 of the City of Marshfield Zoning Code.

The process takes approximately 8-10 weeks for final approval.

  1. Application: An application to amend the Official Zoning Map shall be filled out and completed to the satisfaction of the Zoning Administrator.  If the application is deemed incomplete the Zoning Administrator will return the application to the applicant until the required information is submitted.  The application can be found in the Zoning Applications link on this page.
  2. Review by the Zoning Administrator: The Zoning Administrator shall determine whether the application is complete and fulfills the requirements of Chapter 18 and prepare a written report to forward to the Plan Commission.
  3. Public Hearing: Within 50 days of filing of a complete application, the Plan Commission shall hold a public hearing in compliance with Section 18-158 to consider the request.
  4. Review and recommendation by the Plan Commission.
  5. Review and action by the Common Council.

Effect of Denial. No application which has been denied (either wholly or in part) shall be resubmitted for a period of 12 months from the date of said order of denial, except on grounds of new evidence or proof of change of factors found valid by the Zoning Administrator