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Conditional Use Application1 document

  • ConditionalUseApplication.pdf
    document Header ConditionalUseApplication.pdf

Zoning Verification Letter1 document

  • ZoningVerificationLetter.pdf
    document Header ZoningVerificationLetter.pdf

Variance Application1 document

  • VarianceApplication.pdf
    document Header VarianceApplication.pdf

Annexation Application1 document

  • 2021 Annexation Application.pdf
    document Header 2021 Annexation Application.pdf

Rezoning Application1 document

  • RezoningApplication.pdf
    document Header RezoningApplication.pdf

Planned Unit Development Application1 document

  • PlannedUnitDevelopmentApplication.pdf
    document Header PlannedUnitDevelopmentApplication.pdf

Code Amendment Application1 document

  • Code Amendment Application
    document Header Code Amendment Application

Development Review Team Application (DRT)1 document

  • DevelopmentReviewTeamApplication
    document Header DevelopmentReviewTeamApplication

Certificate of Appropriateness1 document

  • CertificateofAppropriateness.pdf
    document Header CertificateofAppropriateness.pdf