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The Engineering  Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for the planning, budgeting, design, supervision and coordination of all public construction and maintenance projects.  These projects would include street openings, traffic control, concrete paving, hot mix surfacing, sanitary sewers, greenways, stormwater ponds.  in addition, erosion control regulation and  review and implementation of on-site stormwater management, storm sewers, street maintenance, sidewalks, parking lots, buildings,and wastewater treatment plant construction.

Engineering  staff provides information to the public regarding public land/structures, existing sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water mains and their corresponding service laterals, street construction plans, aerial photographs with topographic information, and city plats/certified survey maps.

Part of the City's storm water management plan is to ensure erosion control is being utilized on all construction sites.  Single and two family homes can submit an application with a building permit, available on this web page.   Larger developments of an acre or more must follow Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources  best management practices and submit a notice of intent for all projects greater than one acre. 

Current infrastructure as of 12/31/2019:

  • Area of City  - 13.704 sq-mi., 8771.12 acres, 382,069,847 SF
  • Streets   - 143.59 mi
  • Sanitary Mains - 138.77 mi
  • Wastewater Treated   - 3,000,000 gal/day
  • Storm Sewer Mains  - 104.0 mi
  • Water Mains - 149.5 mi
  • Street Lights - 2,089
  • Signalized intersections - 26