Capital Improvement Plans

The Capital Improvement Plan is a document that the City sets forth its detailed plan for the coming years' revenues and expenditures and the City’s property tax rate is established, based upon the total amount levied.   The (CIP) is an extremely important financial planning tool that is detailed and specific, but the CIP (a 5-year plan updated annually) serves as a blueprint for future capital spending.

So what items are generally found in our CIP?   A large percentage of projects, comprising a majority of total cost, are for major street work (reconstructions, overlays, etc.) Other CIP projects include maintenance of City owned buildings/facilities, along with improvement projects related to parks/recreation, community development, public safety, stormwater management, and our airport.  In the 2020-2024 CIP approved in the spring of 2019, we added larger projects not usually thought of as capital improvements, such as technology upgrades and plans for revaluation of all property in the City. This is because they have significant cost implications and an estimated useful life of 5 years or more.

The CIP development process is quite challenging, with the list of needs greatly exceeding the available funding. Revenues to pay for these projects come from a variety of sources, including tax levy funds, borrowing, room taxes, user fees, and applying current fund balances. The annual CIP process begins shortly after the start of the new year and is discussed with the Council in the early part of the spring season.  Unlike past years when a committee led the development, this process is now largely driven by City staff.  But the proposed project list and funding plan must be reviewed and approved by the Council, which will likely be sometime in late spring.

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2021 CIP3 documents

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2022 CIP3 documents

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  • Adopted CIP 2022-2026
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