Common Council

The Common Council of the City of Marshfield (referred to in this code as the "Council") shall consist of a mayor and one alderperson from each of the ten aldermanic districts.  The Council shall have all powers of the city not specifically given to some other body or officer, except as otherwise provided in the state statute.  The Council shall have the management and control of the City property, finances, highways, navigable waters and the public service, and shall have power to act for the government and good order of the city, for its commercial benefit, and for the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and may carry out its powers by license, regulations, suppression, borrowing of money, taxation, appropriation, fine, imprisonment, confiscation, and other necessary or convenient means.  The powers hereby conferred shall be in addition to all other grants, and shall be limited only by express language.

Regular Meeting Start Time & Location
  • Start Time: Regularly scheduled City Council meeting occur at 6:00 p.m. on the second and fouth Tuesday of the month.
  • Location: City Hall, Council Chambers, 207 W. 6th Street, Marshfield, WI 54449
  • Council members are elected to a two year term.
  • Mayor is elected to a two year term.