Communications Committee

To provide beneficial input and feedback to the Communications Director on every aspect of the City’s communication efforts, including, but not limited to: cable television, website, social media, and all other methods of communicating with the City’s residents and stakeholders. The Committee shall act in an advisory capacity only, and its main goal is to help promote ways to effectively inform and educate our citizens, and to create and maintain a strong program of civic engagement.

Regular Meeting Start Time & Location
  • Start Time: Regularly scheduled meetings occur at 5:30 p.m. 4th Monday of the month
  • Location: City Hall
  • The Committee shall be comprised of five (5) members appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the Council.
  • Of the five members, one shall be a Council member, appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval by the Council
  • However, this is not a requirement, and any interested person may be considered for membership on the Committee.