Contest a Violation

Most people who wish to to contest a citation will submit a "not guilty" plea in writing to the Court before the initial appearance and will not be required to be present at the initial appearance.  Cases heard by the Court are Civil Offenses as no misdemeanors or felonies are heard by the Court.  Municipal Court trials are audio recorded for appeal purposes and other proceedings are not recorded, particularly in actions involving juveniles.

To contest a citation, the Defendant must submit a written "not guilty" plea prior to the initial appearance date via mail or email at  The Defendant may appear in Court to enter a plea. You have the right to be represented by an attorney but you may proceed without one.  If you would like to be represented by an attorney, you must retain one at your own expense.  The Court will not provide this service or cover any expenses related to this service.

Generally, no one likes to appear in any court, but it is our hope that parties leave our Municipal Court with the satisfaction that they have had their opportunity to be heard, even if they do not agree with the ultimate decision in the case.