Economic Development Board


The Board shall perform a variety of duties related to its mission including, but not limited to: Prepare and maintain a comprehensive economic development plan; prepare and maintain bylaws and procedures; act as the City's agent in committing economic development resources; prepare an annual budget, with funding allocations for all participating organizations; identify other possible funding sources; coordinate efforts to effectively and efficiently meet its critical objectives; communicate frequently with all participating organizations, the general public, and the Common Council. To achieve its mission, the Board may seek assistance from all local, regional, and state organizations that may add value to economic development in the City of Marshfield.

The board directs, oversees, and coordinates all economic development activities related to the investment of City funds, to adopt plans and strategies designed to foster business growth and development, and to ensure that the City and participating organizations work in a cooperative manner to promote coordinated economic development in the community. 

Regular Meeting Start Time & Location
  • Start Time: Meeting are TBD
  • Location:  TBA
  • The Board of Directors will be comprised of seven (7) members, including two (2) members of the Common Council and five (5) members from the community at large. 
  • Board members shall have education, experience, or background in one or more areas related in some way to economic development.
  • Initial appointments shall be for a term of one year, after which a schedule of staggered terms shall be implemented.
  • The Board will initially meet monthly; however, the frequency may be reduced, once the comprehensive plan and initial strategies have been adopted.