Elections and Voting

Our customers are the residents of the city of Marshfield that are eligible to vote and it is our responsibility to provide everyone, elderly, handicapped and people who must be out of town on Election day, the right to vote.

The mission of this account is to hold elections for the City of Marshfield as per Wisconsin Statutes 5.01. The right to vote is the foundation of our democratic form of government and it is the job of the City Clerk to preserve the rights of the electorate through efficient, honest, unbiased and uniform administration of elections.  All Election officials have a responsibility to help, not hinder electors in exercising their voting right. The integrity and importance of the vote of each citizen is the responsibility of all election officials.

2022 Election Dates

February 15, 2022 - Spring Primary (if needed)
April 5, 2022 - Spring Election
August 9, 2022 - Partisan Primary
November 8, 2022 - Fall Election

View a map to see where you vote in the city of Marshfield.