Plan Commission

The City Plan Commission shall have power and authority to employ experts and a staff, not exceeding, in all, the appropriation that may be made for such commission by the Council, or placed at its disposal through gifts, and subject to any ordinance or resolution enacted by the Council. The plan commission shall have the powers and duties prescribed in § 62.23 Wis. Stats. and such other powers and duties as shall be vested in it from time to time by the Council.

The Council, or other public body or officer of the City having final authority thereon, shall refer to the Plan Commission, for its consideration and report before final action is taken by the council, public body or officer, those matters required by § 62.25(5) Wis. Stats.

Meeting Start Time & Location

  • Start Time:  Meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.
  • Location: Marshfield City Hall,  207 W. 6th, Marshfield WI., 54449


  • The City Plan Commission is established pursuant to § 62.23(1) Wis. Stats. And shall consist of seven members.
  • All members of the Commission shall be appointed by the Mayor, who shall also choose the presiding officer. The Mayor may appoint himself or herself to the commission and may appoint other City elected or appointed officials, except that the commission shall always have at least four citizen members who are not City officials.
  • Citizen members shall be persons of recognized experience and qualifications. The Director of Public Works, or his designee, shall act as a nonvoting secretary. The members of the Commission shall be appointed to hold office for a period of three years. Appointments shall be made by the Mayor during the month of April for terms that expire in April or at any other time if a vacancy occurs during the middle of a term. Citizen members shall take the official oath required by § 19.01 Wis. Stats. which shall be filed with the City Clerk.

Organization. At the May meeting the plan commission shall organize by the election of a vice-chairman, secretary and such other officers as may in its judgment be necessary.

Quorum and approval: Four members shall constitute a quorum but all actions shall require the affirmative approval of a majority of all of the members of the plan commission.