Update: Wenzel Family Plaza splash pad closed due to a mechanical failure.  Possibly open by mid-August due to waiting on parts.

As much as we love good conspiracy theories, the fountain is not down due to Vandehey Waters opening this week. Though, how exciting is that?! ��
On July 1st, a water main broke in the control pit causing irreversible damage to our computer system. Timing was not ideal! Short of filling the pit with rice to dry it out, we had to shut it down.

As many things right now, getting parts has been a slow process. We can say for certainty, the splash pad will be down until the middle of August. We are just as bummed as you.
The good news? Vandehey Waters will open Friday and the facility looks pretty amazing!

Thank you for your understanding and know we do have other activities happening in the Plaza. 
Nicki Anderson
Wenzel Family Plaza Director