Hillside Cemetery fall clean up deadline October 1, 2021

All decorations, containers, shepherd hooks, solar lights and other adornments placed at Hillside Cemetery must be removed by October 1st for our annual fall clean-up. Items affixed to headstones may stay, (i.e. grave saddles, monument-mounted vases), but any loose trinkets or items stuck into the ground around the headstone must be removed.

Cemetery staff will discard any remaining items left after October 1st. We strongly encourage any items/decorations of great monetary or emotional value be protected in a safe place outside of the public cemetery grounds where they cannot be lost, stolen, damaged or removed for any reason. For a complete list of cemetery rules and spring and fall clean-up dates, please visit the Hillside Cemetery webpage .   If you have questions, please reach out to the cemetery office at 715-486-2098 or email hilltop@ci.marshfield.wi.us with any questions.