The City is seeking a Fire and Police Commissioner

Friday, August 27, 2021 - The City is seeking individuals interested in serving as a commissioner on the Fire and Police Commission, term ending May 1, 2024. City residency is preferred. Please submit a letter, stating your qualifications and reasons for wanting to serve on the board. This letter must be received by Friday, September 22nd. Please address the letter to Amy Krogman, Administrative Specialist/HR Assistant.

The City Fire and Police Departments shall be governed in accordance with § 62.13 Wis. Stats., except that pension funds shall be in accordance with the Wisconsin Retirement Act. By virtue of a referendum duly held in the city, the Fire and Police Commission has the optional powers designated in § 62.13(6) Wis. Stats.

The Fire and Police Commission shall be composed of five members appointed by the Council President currently in place due to a Mayor vacancy and confirmed by the Council for staggered five-year terms commencing on May 1st. The names of the interested persons will be presented to the Common Council at its September 28th and October 12th meeting. The Common Council will elect one person to the five-member board at its October 12th meeting.

If you have any questions please reach out to Amy Krogman at 715-387-6597.

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