Citizen Concerns

If you would like to submit a written concern, use our form  or contact an appropriate department to help file your concern with us. If you would like to speak to someone at the City, please see the list of common concerns below and contact the appropriate department for assistance with your concern. 

Remember, if this is a Life Threatening or other Emergency, call 911!

The City of Marshfield's Citizen Complaint Form can be used to log complaints at any time for non-emergency concerns. You can log a non-emergency concern through an internet-connected device. The reporting site is able to work on most smartphones and other mobile devices.  The site will walk through the reporting process, and explain how to properly file your complaint. Some complaints may take time to resolve, so please be patient. 

You may also track the status of concerns and complaints with our all-new dashboard which keeps tabs of how many concerns are reported along with complaint types, where they are located on an interactive map, and how many have been resolved. 

Here is a list of common concerns and who to contact:

Animal Control


Bees, Hornets and Wasps in Playgrounds

Building Permit Issues and Inquiries

Cemetery Issues - Headstone Damage

Citations and Court

City Billing and Invoices

Drainage Issues, Street Flooding and Ditching

Erosion Control Issues

Facility Rental Issues

Garbage and Recycling Issues

GIS (City Map Viewer) Issues

Grass Clipping on the Street

Junk in Yards and Abandoned Vehicles

Landlord and Tenant Issues

Marshfield Cable TV (Channels 989, 990 and 991) Issues

Noise Concerns

Park Maintenance Issues

Parking Restriction Requests

Parking Violation Concerns, Parking on City Terrace and Vehicles for Sale on Public Property

Power Outages, Downed Power Lines and Partial Power Issues

Property Disputes

Property Maintenance

Recreation Program Issues

Sidewalk Concerns and Damage

Snow Removal - Plowing, Sidewalks and Mailbox Damage from Plowing

Stop Sign and Yield Sign Requests

Street Lights not Working

Street Maintenance Issues - Potholes, Signage, Etc.

Tax Bill Questions

Taxi System Issues

Traffic Concerns

Traffic Signal Issues

Tree Branches on Power Lines

Tree Issues, Hazardous and in Right-of-Way

Vision Triangles

Wastewater and Sewer Backing Up into the Basement

Water - No or Low-Pressure or Discolored

Water on Street, Sidewalk in Large Amounts or Possible Water Main Break

Website Issues


Zoning Issues, Fences and Home Occupations