Employee Benefits

The City of Marshfield is committed to providing our employees with a valuable benefits package.  Below you will find information on each of our benefit programs.  If you have questions regarding your benefits, please contact Human Resources at 715-486-2004.  

The City of Marshfield now offers two High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) with a Health Savings Account (H.S.A).   For 2021, we are excited to offer a new health plan option called SimplyOne which mirrors our current health plan (Premier Network)  but offers a narrow network to keep the costs down for employees who choose to elect this plan. 

 Attached below you will find the information on both plans along with network information for each of the plans along with information on in-network providers (See 2021 Employer Coverage Customer Guide).  The preventive drug list applies to both plans.  Medications in this list are available at no cost and are not subject to deductibles or coinsurance.


(No changes from 2020)

Monthly Rates

Full Premium

Employer Cost

Employee Cost





Employee + Family





Monthly Rates

Full Premium

Employer Cost

Employee Cost





Employee + Family




Care My Way:

Health Savings Account (H.S.A):

  • Forward Bank - All employer and employee contributions are directly deposited into the employee's HSA with Forward Bank
City Contribution to Employee HSA for 2021:
For employees who elect the City Health Plan, the City of Marshfield contributes to the employee’s Health Savings Account.  The deposit is pro-rated based upon enrollment date.

Health Savings Account Employer Contribution*
Employee $600.00
Employee + Family $1200.00

HSA Contribution Limits for 2021

HSA contribution limit (employer + employee) Self-only: $3,600
Family: $7,200

HSA catch-up contributions (age 55 or older)*                $1,000
* Catch-up contributions can be made during the year by HSA-eligible participants who will turn 55 by year-end.

Vision Hardware Plan* - National Vision Administrators 


Monthly Rates

Full Premium

Employer Cost

Employee Cost





Employee + Family




Dental Insurance - 
Delta Dental

Monthly Rates* Full Premium Employer Cost Employee Cost
Employee $46.17 $39.24 $6.93
Employee + Family $141.85 $120.57 $21.28

*Represented Police Department & Fire Department Employees pay full premium for dental coverage.
Delta Dental Plan Summary:

Flexible Spending Account (Dependent Care Only)
  • Employee Benefits Corporation (EBC)
  • Dependent Care FSA (2019 annual maximum contribution is $5000).

Long-Term Disability Insurance (Links not available see HR)

  • Long Term Disability Summary
  • Long Term Disability Overview

Life Insurance - Employee Trust Funds:

Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) Contributions for 2021:

Non-elected (General) employees:
  • Employee share:  6.75% (2020) to 6.75% (2021)
  • Employer share: 6.75% (2020) to 6.75% (2021)

Protective Services with Social Security (Police):

  • Employee share : 6.75% (2020) to 6.75% (2021)
  • Employer share:  11.65% (2020) to 11.75% (2021) for a total of 18.5% not including Duty Disability

Protective Services without Social Security (Fire):

  • Employee share: 6.75% (2020) to 6.75% (2021)
  • Employer share:  16.25% (2020) to 16.35% (2021) for a total of 23.1% not including Duty Disability

Nationwide - Post Employment Health Plan (PEHP):

Nationwide - Deferred Compensation:
To request an enrollment kit, please contact Human Resources at 715-387-6597.  

Nationwide Account Representative:
Employee Assistance Program (Available to employees and family members 24/7)

Ascension Employer Solutions:

To schedule an appointment online visit:    https://ascensionwieap.org/about-us/meet-our-staff/schedule-an-appointment

To learn more about EAP, please watch this video:  https://ascensionwieap.org/employee-resources

EAP Frequently asked questions (FAQs):  https://ascensionwieap.org/en/employee-resources/eap-faq