Ed-Zoo-Cation Talks

Come join our zookeepers for one of our free, educational presentations hosted daily from JEd-zooune-August! You could have the chance to watch the bears enjoy a snack, observe a training session with our foxes, or learn about cool cougar adaptations. Our animal encounters offer the chance to meet one of our animal ambassadors up close. You could be introduced to one of the turtles, the chuckwalla, or even our hognose snake! Our animal encounter talks will be held in the outdoor pavilion and all others will be located in front of the featured animals' exhibit. Check out our exhibit map for assistance.

11:00 Wildcat

11:00 Kodiak Bear
2:00 Animal Encounter

12:15 Mystery Animal (Listen for where to meet!)

11:00 Timber Wolf
2:00 Animal Encounter

11:00 Cougars