Virtual Opportunities

Our Wildwood Zoo education team is excited to bring the zoo to you with the addition of new Virtual Experiences! These live chats will bring you closer to your favorite animals than ever before without having to take a step outside. Whether you are sharing with a classroom or treating yourself, there is a virtual visit for you! To schedule a virtual tour or for more information, please call (715) 486-2056 or email  

Virtual Keeper Chat
A member of our staff will join you live via Zoom for a closer look at our animals. Similar to our in-person option, you will have the chance to learn all about our animals and their natural history.
  • Choose From:  Bears, Mountain Lions, Wildcats, Raptors, Wolves, Ornate Box Turtles, Chuckwalla, Hognose Snake, Foxes, Cranes, Elk, Bison, or Mountain Goats
  • Maximum 35 participants
  • 10-15 minutes per animal chosen
  • Cost:  $10/animal
Virtual Painting Experience
Explore our animal’s creative side and help design unique paintings that will be sent to you after the tour! Watch your artist paint their masterpiece via Zoom and learn more about enrichmenArtt during your tour.  
  • Choose From:  Star or Thunder (mountain lions) or Munsey or Boda (Kodiak bears)
  • Pick your Colors (up to 3):  Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Orange, and Purple
  • Maximum 35 participants
  • Cost:  $30/~30 minutes
Virtual Feeding Experience
You will be able to virtually assist our zookeepers in the preparation of the diet and then watch your chosen animal enjoy their delicious meal you created!
  • Choose from:  Bobcat, Mountain Lions, Bears, Wolves, Turtles, Chuckwalla, or Foxes
  • Maximum 35 participants
  • Cost:  $25/30 minutes
Virtual Enrichment Experience
Assist in the virtual preparation of your chosen enrichment (picking out scents, decidingVirtual Tour what object to place in exhibit, choosing snacks to place in puzzle feeder) and then watch how the animal interacts with the enrichment!
  • Choose from:  Bears, Wildcats, Mountain Lions, or Foxes
  • Maximum 35 participants
  • Cost $25/30 minutes