Domestic Rabbits

Our Rabbits
Here at Wildwood Zoo, we have a small group of five female rabbits, called does. We have one Flemish Giant, two Rex rabbits, and two Holland Lops that joined us in June of 2021. They are in training to become ambassador animals and you may see our staff working with them as we acclimate them to being handled. 
As of 2017, there were at least 305 breeds of domestic rabbits throughout 70 countries around the world. Selective breeding has produced rabbits ranging in size from dwarf to giant. Across the world, rabbits are raised as livestock for their meat, pelts, and wool, and also by hobbyists as pets. Rabbits have been selectively bred since ancient times to achieve certain desired characteristics. Variations include size and body shape, coat type and color, ear carriage, and even ear length.

Rabbits reach maturity between 4-9 months, depending on size. They are receptive to mating about 14 out of every 16 days and do not have a cycle of hormones. Pregnancy lasts about 31-33 days and the doe can give birth to 12 or more kits! The kits are born naked, blind, and deaf. Does only nurse the kits once or twice a day and they are weaned after only 6 weeks.

Life ExpectancyBunny2
In human care: 10-13 years

Our rabbits here at the zoo have constant access to timothy hay and fresh water. They are also fed a small amount of pellets twice a day and a small amount of produce as an occasional treat. The chew 120 times a minute and have over 17,000 taste buds in their mouth!